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History on the Hoof Programs

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Stacy's Programs

This interpretive storytelling program relates the legend of “Molly Pitcher” (Mary Hays McCauley), the heroine of the 1778 Battle of Monmouth Courthouse – and explores the daily lives of the “women of the army” who followed their husbands to war during the American Revolution. Molly reminisces about the days when she accompanied her husband through summer battles and winter encampments from Valley Forge to Monmouth to Morristown. Relating her tales of firing a cannon in the heat of battle to trudging “behind the baggage,” she provides a glimpse into what it was like to be a “camp follower” in the days when American independence was a dream rather a certainty. Participatory artillery drill, too! Adult and elementary school versions.

"COLONIAL FROLICK: EARLY AMERICAN SONGS, SINGING GAMES, AND MORE:" Stacy Roth and folksinger Bob Dupre, together known as “LIBERTY TREE,” present their favorite rhymes, riddles, rounds, ditties, and dances from the 17th to early 19th centuries. Lots of audience participation. For kids, their parents, and their grandparents!

“SONGS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY ERA” Bombardments! Battles! Patriotism! Soldiers and Sailors! Brave Lasses! Sheep! (Yes, an occasional sheep!) Folk singers Stacy Flora Roth and Bob Dupre, together known as “LIBERTY TREE,” explore the Yankees' side of the American Revolution through songs, ballads, odes and hymns of the day. 

FIFE AND DRUM: Revolutionary War and general repertoire available for festivals, event openings, etc.

"REVOLUTIONARY TEA:" (formerly titled Totally Tea) Why was tea so important in the lives of 18th century people that fashion-conscious families posed for portraits with their tea sets? Did Great Britain lose her American Colonies over "the cup that cheers?" Find out in this unusual costumed presentation of tea lore, history, songs, poetry, living history display and demonstration. Presenter Stacy Roth can work with your organization to turn Revolutionary Tea into a tea tasting or 18th century tea party. (Program currently on hiatus.)

“SOLDIERS WITHOUT GUNS:” WOMEN DEFENSE WORKERS IN WWII:" The setting: It is 1943 and your organization is hosting a meeting to promote “war work” for women. Hear a testimonial from Rosie Niemiec (historical interpreter Stacy Flora Roth), a housewife who decided to do her bit for the war effort (and surprise her husband) by taking a job as a welder in a shipyard. This unique presentation features a character monologue, a display of period artifacts and ephemera, a discussion of women’s participation on the homefront, and an invitation to the audience to share memories, memorabilia, and personal and family stories of the Second World War. (Program currently on hiatus.)

"MOTHER, the QUEEN of MY HEART:" A TRIBUTE TO MOTHER IN SONG, POETRY, and PROSE. Join historical interpreter Stacy Flora Roth for a sampling of musical pieces and readings across the ages that are dedicated to the most important woman in our lives, our Mother. Bring yourself, your children, your mother -- and memories to share. (This program is currently on hiatus.)

 "THE DISTAFF MUSE:" What qualities define the 18th Century Woman? Virtue? Piety? Gentility? Spirit? Wit? Fortitude? Resignation? Passion? Historical interpreter Stacy F. Roth explores the private thoughts and popular image of women of the 18th century through songs, quotations, poetry and prose. In this unique presentation from a revolving repertoire, audiences will visit with humble heroines, brave Amazons, wise wits, and warriors in disguise.  Come, be amused with the distaff muse. (Program currently on hiatus.)

“GOOD OLD COLONY TIMES:” A HUMOROUS – AND PERHAPS OCCASIONALLY SOBER – LOOK AT ISSUES THAT FASCINATED FOLKS OF EARLY AMERICA.  Join historical interpreter and balladeer Stacy Roth for songs and anecdotes celebrating love, courtship, marriage, sex, work, current events, and politics in the 17th and 18th centuries. This program can be customized to various themes: all American Revolution, all humorous songs, etc. Presented in the attire of the age! (Program currently on hiatus.)

David's Programs

"DAVID MACCAFFREY, THE SHANNACHIE OF GLENDUNBUNN BALLYBEGG:" The wit and wisdom, humor and horror, and hubris and humanity of a people are found in their traditional stories. Compelling storyteller David Emerson retells (and embroiders) the colorful and ancient tales of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall in a presentation that will "warm, tickle, or chill the heart."

"DAVID MACCAFFREY, THE SHANNACHIE OF GLENDUNBUNN BALLYBEGG: SPOOKY TALES" Did you know the Celts invented Halloween? Long before Christianity made it to Ireland's misty shores, the native Celtic people celebrated the 31st of October as the eve of Samhain, a time when the boundaries of our world and the 'Otherworld' are at their thinnest and all manner of spirits, spectres, fairies and fell creatures are free to roam the mortal realm. Join storyteller David MacCaffrey, the "Shannachie of Glenndunbun Ballybegg" as he tells traditional and modern Irish tales of terror. Drawing on the ancient folkways and legends of the people who practically invented horror his stories present a macabre menagerie of ghosts and ghouls, devils and demons, banshees and beasties and things that go bump in the night. A perfect way to start our favorite haunted holiday.

CHRISTMAS AND MIDWINTER STORIES  Anecdotes about the origins of holiday customs, the Victorian "invention" of modern Christmas, the popularity of the Christmas tree, and traditional tales about "the most wonderful time of the year" are among the topics presented by David in an hour of holiday storytelling.

David Emerson portrays the Revolutionary War General for special events. David has been customizing his interpretation to the needs of 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution commemorations. He has appeared as “His Excellency” at the battles of Trenton, Princeton, & Monmouth, the Middlebrook encampment, and more.

David was featured as George Washington in New Jersey Network's "Ten Crucial Days."

“GEORGE WASHINGTON REMEMBERS NEW JERSEY” George Washington was no stranger to New Jersey. From Trenton to Princeton to Morristown to Monmouth to Middlebrook, (and more), the General spent more time here than in any other state. Join General Washington (portrayed by David Emerson) as he reminisces about his brightest and darkest moments during the battles and encampments of the “Cockpit of the Revolution.”

NEW! “GEORGE WASHINGTON: IN HIGH SPIRITS” George Washington was the commander in chief of the Continental Army, and as first president, the father of his country. But did you know he was also one of the leading distillers in the new nation? Join living history interpreter David Emerson as he portrays George Washington discussing his involvement with the spirits of his age. Topics will include Washington’s foray into the commercial distilling of whiskey and corn liquor, and experiments with viniculture and home brewing. Hear about his favorite wines, champagnes, and other beverages and enjoy anecdotes about some of his favorite watering holes in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and other points in between.

"THE TALL TALES OF DAVY CROCKETT AND LIES OF THE MOUNTAIN MEN:" Come share the adventures of the rugged trappers and traders who tamed the wilderness beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Brave the hardships, hazards and heartbreaks of the way West! Storyteller David Emerson, in the guise of frontiersman-politician-raconteur Davy Crockett, recounts humorous, terrifying, and heroic tales that "you can't hardly tell the truth about without lying." (This program is currently on hiatus.)

"STRANGER AMONG SAINTS: STEPHEN HOPKINS OF THE MAYFLOWER:" Stephen Hopkins was no Saint (as the separatist founders of Plimoth Colony referred to their congregation, the Church of Saints), but his previous experience in the New World made him a useful and respected member of the group of New England settlers popularly known as "the Pilgrims." Find out about the politics, religion, economics, Native American relations, and social life of the first permanent settlement in New England from his unique perspective.

"…and six and two-thirds dollars per month on account of pay":
The founding fathers fought for freedom, the officers for honor; but what motivated the common soldier? Historical interpreter David Emerson, as recruiting sergeant David MacCaffrey, presents an enlisted man's-eye view of the American Revolution.

Meet Leland Emerson, captain of the whaling ship Sarah Ann in the year 1843. Find out about life at sea, including encounters with the infamous "Mocha Dick."

“THE LURE AND LORE OF LIQUOR: TAVERN BEVERAGES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION” Many people know that our Revolution was fomented in the famous taverns of Colonial America – City Tavern of Philadelphia, Boston’s Green Dragon, and the Raleigh in Williamsburg. But other than politics, what was fueling the debates between the Sons of Liberty or the Virginia Burgesses?  Join historian and mixologist (yes, indeed) David Emerson in a lively exploration of Colonial drinking customs. The talk will include discussion of the various types of beverages available to the 18th Century tavern tippler, how they were made, and even some recipes that you can try on your own (if you dare). Discover our forefathers’ alternative to the modern Mohito and Martini, and what Ben Franklin considered “The Proof of God’s Love.” 

“MEET BENJAMIN FRANKLIN” Walkaround and meet and greet character for special events, festivals, and more.

 John Niemiec’s Programs

“THE FIGHTING MAN IN THE GREAT WAR” Reenactor and military collector John Niemiec grew up reading about the exploits of doughboys and early military aviators, sparking a life-long fascination with the Great War. Mr. Niemiec will discuss a brief history of the events that led to the “war to end all wars” and will display examples of the uniforms and equipment of US and German combatants, along with other memorabilia of the conflict.

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Songs of the Revolutionary Era and Colonial Period

LIBERTY TREE – the duo of Bob Dupre and Stacy Roth delight audiences with songs of the Revolutionary Era and wider Colonial to Early Federal period with close harmonies, anecdotes, and the occasional playful prop.

Christmas Carols * Tavern Songs * Songs of the Sea

Quartet with David Emerson, Denise Gealer, and musicians and puppeteers Tom & Marianne Tucker. Costumed performance of Victorian (and earlier) Christmas Songs, Colonial Tavern Ditties, and Sea Songs of all periods -- in appropriate historical dress. Programs can include anecdotes and introductions of musical selections, if desired.

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Photo credits: Stacy with teacup by Andrew Wilkinson of Wilkinson Media, "Rose Helen Niemiec, Welder" by John Niemiec,  Stacy as Molly Pitcher by James Bell, Stacy Roth and Flora Newberry by John Niemiec, "David MacCaffrey" by Stacy Roth, David as George Washington by Tim Griscom, David as Davy Crockett and 19th C Sea Captain by Stacy Roth, David and Stacy by John Niemiec.